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California Fresh Foods has been providing fresh, healthy, high quality meals in our restaurant through commercial catering and for private school lunch programs since 1988. We are a fully licensed and insured HACCP certified commercial kitchen.

It is our pleasure and privilege that during these challenging times, California Fresh Foods is stepping up and "Helpin' Out" our community.

We are introducing our new "Mother's" line of Sous Vide (under vacuum) and oven ready meals. Also available are foods packaged in bulk, such as hormone free chicken breasts and Angus Beef hamburger patties. Simply order online from our custom Mother's menu during the week and pick up your on the day you choose, using our curbside pick up service.

Don't hassle with the grocery store lines and empty shelves. We have much of what you need to keep your refrigerator stocked and your family satisfied, all done in a socially responsible way.

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