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Sign up today for free. Select your student’s school and grade/room. Pick your lunches. That's it, your done.

Keep track of everything

Pay using any major credit card or Paypal. Review all your orders online. Print menu of your lunch choices.

Feed them good food

We only use locally sourced produce. We handcraft all our meals each day in our commerical kitchen for freshness and quality.

Ordering lunch, made simple

Our new, easy to use Control Center provides a single place to order lunch, purchase credits, request a credit, print a menu and much more!

After selecting lunch for your students, simply proceed to checkout to complete your purchase.

From the Control Center you can also update your user profile information, update your students school and grade/room assigment or review your order history.

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You can’t ask for more

California Fresh Foods is recognized by the National Registry of Food Safety Professionals as maintaining the highest quality standards related to food safety. Our state-of-the-art kitchen is where we craft every lunch each day - and it is also where we keep your students safe.

We never stop giving back

In addition to our daily mission to provide healthy lunches to students, California Fresh Foods also works to be a positive force in the community. We donate food to both the FrontLine Foundation and the Salvation Army, helping to feed those less fortunate.

Have your student start receiving a healthy, delicious lunch delivered right to school.

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