Our on staff Dietician

Lauren M. Koenig, MPH, RD

Dr. Koenig

Worked at:
1. Cedars Sinai Medical Center: Clinical Dietitian, specializing in Pediatrics
2. UCLA Medical Center: Specializing in Neonatology
3. Pritikin: lecturer, and diet counseling
4. Private Practitioner for 13 yrs
5. Currently Consulting

Licensed since 1998
Member of the American Dietetics Association (1998)
Certified Lactation educator (2003)








Prepared Foods


  • Marinara Sauce:

Ingredients: Vine-ripened fresh tomatoes, olive and sunflower oil, onions, salt, pepper, basil, oregano, parsley, and sugar.

Nutrition per serving: cal 80, fat 3g, sod 590mg, sug 8g, protein 2g


  • Pinto Beans:

Ingredients: Pinto beans, water and salt.

Nutrition per serving: cal 80, sod 390 mg, carb 15g, protein 6g


  • BBQ Beans:

Ingredients: Pea beans, water, salt, dehydrated onion, molasses, garlic powder,

mustard flour and spices.

Nutrition per serving: cal 160, fat 1g, sod 390mg, sug 9g, protein 7g


  • Red Canyon Bean Chili:

Ingredients: Tomato puree, ground beef, kidney beans, diced tomato, onions, celery, green peppers, dehydrated garlic, paprika, salt, sugar and spices.

Nutrition per serving: 85 cal, fat 1.5 g, sod 240g, sugar 2g, protein 3g


  • Turkey Gravy:

Ingredients: Turkey stock, chicken stock, flour, dark meat turkey, salt, tomato paste,

turmeric, sugar, paprika, caramel color, and seasonings.

Nutrition per serving: cal 40, fat 2g, sod 270mg, carb 4g, protein 1g


Breads, Pastas, and Starches


  • Nature’s Harvest Whole Wheat Bread:

Ingredients: Whole grain, no high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors or flavors

Nutrition per serving: cal 140, 2g fat, sod 320mg, carbs 23g, sug 3g, protein 7g


  • Dry Pastas:

Costa Pasta, Durum Wheat Semolina

Nutrition per serving: cal 200, fat 1g, carbs 41g, sug 2g, protein 7g


Three Italian Cheese Tortellini: Roselli Brand

Nutrition per serving: cal 230, fat 5g, sod 290mg, carbs 36g, sug 2g, protein 11g


  • Long Grain Rice

Nutrition per serving: cal 170, carbs 37g, protein 4 g


  • Mashed Potatoes, Dehydrated:

Nutrition per serving: cal 100, fat 1g, sod 25mg, carbs 22g, protein 2g


  • Couscous/Quinoa Blend:

Nutrition per serving: cal 170, fat 1g, carbs 34g, protein 6g


  • Croutons:

Nutrition per serving: cal 30, fat 1g, sod 85mg, carbs 5g, protein 1 g


  • Flour Tortillas:

Nutrition per serving: cal 90, fat 2g, sod 220mg, carbs 15g, protein 3g


  • Sea Salt Kettle Chips:

Nutrition per serving: 150 cal, fat 9g, sod 115mg, carbs 16g, protein 2g


  • Corn Tortilla Chips:

Nutrition per serving: cal 140, fat 7g, sod 150mg, carbs 17g, protein 2 g


Dressings and Soups


Note: All dressing served on the side, so a true portion is about half of what’s listed below.


Ken’s Steakhouse Lite Ranch: reduced calorie, No MSG

Nutrition per serving: cal 70, fat 7g, sod 320mg, sugar 1g, carb 2g, protein 1g


Girard’s Reduced Calorie Golden Italian: reduced calorie, no MSG

Nutrition per serving: cal 35, fat 3.5g, sod 430mg, carb 2g,


Todd’s Oriental Sesame Ginger Dressing: No MSG

Nutrition per serving: 270, fat 16g, sod 1050mg, sugar 29g, carbs 31g, protein 2g


Kraft Creamy Caesar: No MSG

Nutrition per serving: 110 cal, fat 11g, sod 310mg, carbs 2g, sugar 1g, protein 1g


Soups: Fresh ingredients added to a frozen soup base

Chicken Noodle Soup:

Nutrition per serving: 100 cal, fat 2g, sod 780mg, carb 12g, sugar 3g, protein 4g


Vegetarian Tomato with shells:

Nutrition per serving: 80 cal, fat 1g, sod 640mg, carbs 17g, sugar 7g, protein 3g




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