California Fresh Foods has been providing large scale, fresh and healthy catering, for over 21 years. We pride ourselves on creating hot buffet style meals which are both delicious and healthy.

California Fresh Foods serves organic and/or naturally grown fruits and vegetables from local vendors. Every meal we create contains a minimum of seven colors providing maximum nutrition. These colors come from a diverse array of the freshest fruits and vegetables available. We go to market up to six days a week to insure we procure the freshest produce possible.

We serve all of our meals in eco-friendly containers to help the environment and work each day to reduce waste and pollution from our operations.

California Fresh Foods is a partner to both the schools we work with and children and parents who we serve. We work as liaison with the various parent teacher associations to coordinate volunteer activities related to serving lunch.

California Fresh Foods participates in Grow Programs designed to teach fundamental gardening techniques and basic food pyramid nutritional information, ultimately harvesting and cooking/using grown produce for consumption in the lunch program.

In addition to our daily mission to provide healthy lunches to students, California Fresh Foods also works to be a positive force in the community. We donate food to both the Front Line Foundation and the Salvation Army, helping to feed those less fortunate.

Two chefs in a kitchen.

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