California Fresh Foods has taken the concept of serving wholesome trans fat-free ingredients along with fresh fruits and vegetables and incorporated these elements into our school lunch program. Our foods look good, taste good and are inviting, appetizing and delicious. As an underlying value, we teach an appreciation and acceptance of high quality, low fat, energy-building foods.

Our food is prepared in a professional, fully licensed and insured commercial kitchen. We are a Serve Safe member of the National Food Safety Professionals with Class “A” status.

California Fresh Foods serves only organic and/or naturally grown fruits and vegetables. There are a minimum of seven colors in every meal, providing maximum nutrition. We have been trans fat-free since long before the California mandate.

Our meals:

  • are peanut and tree nut free
  • have white meat and or vegetarian options for most meals
  • use only hormone-free poultry
  • use turkey or other white meats instead of red meat whenever possible
  • use only Angus beef when serving red meat
  • use only 100% fresh California cheese utilizing low fat options

We appreciate your business and thank you.

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